In Response to Hank Green and the US Election

To which I responded on his channel:

Hello, Hank. I’m a Filipino from the Philippines. And my country and your country have been through hell and back together.

If my history is right, our country was the US’ only colony. Our political system has been adopted from US’ system ever since the Philippine Commonwealth era. During the American colonisation (which happened after the Spanish-American war *the Spanish were our colonisers prior to US*, Spain handed our country to America under the 1898 Treaty of Paris. Then the Philippine-American war [1899-1902] happened) the Jones Law (1916)”…the grant of independence would come only “as soon as a stable government can be established”, which gave the United States Government the power to determine when this “stable government” has been achieved.”

Tydings–McDuffie Act (1934) was a “United States federal law which provided for self-government of the Philippines and for Filipino independence from the United States after a period of ten years.” We didn’t achieve that independence (although we did achieve independence from Spain’s reign from 1521-1898 on June 12, the Philippine’s Independence Day) because of the attack of Manila Bay by the Japanese, this happened one day after the attack of Pearl Harbour. Japan attacked us because we refused their ideology of “Asia for Asians”, basically they wanted to liberate us from the US, but with Tydings–McDuffie Act in effect, the Philippines didn’t believe the Japanese. After the victory of WW2, the Philippines was left in ruins (since our country essentially served as a battle ground for South East Asia.) Afterwards, the Treaty of Manila was signed with the declaration of Philippine independence from the US in July 4, 1946 (the Philippines was occupied by the Japanese for around 3 years in WW2 at one point.)

From the point when the Spaniards captured the Philippines (1521) until the rule of our former dictator Ferdinand Marcos in his 3rd term (martial law, -1986), the Philippines was one of the strongest states in Asia. When Marcos stepped down due to the EDSA revolution, Corazon Aquino became the 11th President of the Philippines, that’s when our state started to decline.

Basically, the Philippines was one of the strongest states in Asia, we were labeled as a tiger economy at one point. The Philippines is now in a state of “soft-political conflict” between the US and the ASEAN plus 3 and most notably China, over the territories of Spratly Islands and parts of the West Philippine Sea or as the world knows it, the South China Sea. Add to the fact that large companies, personalities and the Church have immense influence in domestic politics. The middle to lower class have very little say, but the recent suspension of the anti-cybercrime law (a retweet that deems as “libel” can get you 7 years in prison) by our Supreme Court, was accomplished through the power of Filipino netizens.

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