Taking the Best of Both Worlds: A new writing style

In light of my recent post on changing my “writing style,” I am going to change it once again. Bear with me, this is quite short. I sought to endeavour excellence in my “writing” by having a week off each time I edit it. Although, it seems that I am quite impatient, and this “technique” that I designed is overly inefficacious. What I plan to do is to publish each post by parts. I would finish an entire piece, divide it by its introduction, body and conclusion, and then (and only then) will I start editing each part. This gets me to put out more content between editing phases, and it would lend me the opportunity to change aspects in parts that I have yet to publish. How is that so different compared to publishing it entirely? The answer is quite simple, my dear Watson. The more time I spend living with people, the more I learn about the world. Thus, I can write and edit more if I know more. To give you the benefit of understanding the twaddle that wreaks from my mouth, here’s an analogy. If I were to make three of the greatest pizzas in the world in one day, it would not be as impressive as making them one week apart. Why? Because I have time to learn how to make the succeeding ones better. Okay, maybe that wasn’t such a great analogy, but its the best one I could think of since I am craving for pizza.

Happy New Year, hope you guys had a good one.

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