Should I Fall in Love Again? (Part 1: What is love?)

Attempting to define an emotion is like playing a violin with a carrot. It’s possible, but it’s not always spot on. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to write this entry like a paper for uni as much as possible.

Let me tell you how my day started. I woke up from a dream that got me all shaken up; as I recall, I was getting late for my first class. As I sat up on my bed, I realised, “It’s a Saturday. I hate myself.” I peered over my shoulder and glanced at the clock. 8:00, it tells me. I slept for 8 hours, two-days-in-a-row! That’s a luxury I would love to have. Oh, if only I could. I gave the clock a little smile and looked out the window. “Well, isn’t the sun shining ever so pleasantly this day. It’s probably going to be a good day.” I decided that I’d take a picture of how the trees were looking inexplicably beautiful.

As I came down the stairs with my camera at hand, my mum was at her laptop. She was probably chatting with some of her friends on Facebook (as she always does.) She told me to get the laundry before she left for the gym. “Okay,” I said.

Trees out back
Trees out back

A few minutes later, I had the place all to myself. I cracked open the fridge, ate some chocolate, drank some tea, sat back and watched all my subscriptions on YouTube. Tarzan came up on Disney Channel; I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT. By the way, Phil Collins is an awesome artist!

I did this cycle of Internet-TV-food-tea for a couple of hours, and then my mum returned with food from the supermarket. I helped her with unloading them into the fridge, and I helped myself to the delicious treat of Nutter Butter. I finished it. I swear; a single box cannot survive a day. In fact, it can’t survive for six hours. That’s how good they are! Or probably it’s because I just love peanut butter too much.


We watched some movies on HBO, and then my mom went to bed early. “I have the place all to myself once again.” I decided to watch some Wong Fu Productions to pass the time. “I haven’t seen this one?” I asked myself. It was strange, since I am a HEAVY Wong Fu fan. I watched it.

Who, what, when, where, and why, these are what love is for this guy. It’s a collection of experiences that made him decide to love the sixth. My definition of love is as accurate as a violin played with a carrot. Love is something that hurts, only because it’s embedded within us. Love is something that makes us look back at the things we did wrong, only because it strives us to do better. Love is something that we will take for granted, only because we don’t know what to do after we think we’ve discovered all the paths. Love is something that opens us like a book of bad memories, only because it makes us trust those we truly care. Love is something that makes us accept the shit that life throws at us, only because we are willing to share that burden. Love is something that makes us fight, only because worry takes over us. I think this is a pretty general description of what love is.

In the next part, I’ll talk about the relationships that I built with love. Not just romantic love, but unconditional love and infatuations as well.

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