What am I Doing

I’ve been neglecting my blog for a long long time. The drafts I’ve written are so old, I don’t even remember how I wanted to end them. What kept me from coming here was uni. We’ve been reading around 80 pages a day, and even more for this week and the next, because our midterms is coming up. I’m supposed to focus myself on academics, but I always wonder off to wanting a relationship. How low of me, eh? That’s not the only thing, I’ve been getting really frustrated with how routined my daily life is. Everyday, I do the same thing, and there isn’t a way that I could change it up a bit. I spend most of my time in the library during breaks just to read what my professors gave us. I get home and do the same, I commute and I do the same. I’m slowly turning into this well-oiled machine that seems to enjoy masochism. I’m just really tired of all these personal problems that I can’t solve. Give me something, anything. I know true happiness is difficult to achieve, I just want to know that it’s still out there.

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