The Corporate World is No Place for Social Sciences

A few months ago, I was losing my marbles when I had a week left to find a place to intern. I pulled out all the stops and used every resource I had. Then lo and behold, a friend of mine asked if I could intern at said company, and I didn’t need to go through an interview! “Can you start tomorrow?” She asked. I was extremely elated! It was as if a miracle had come and present itself on a silver platter. I didn’t care if my training in IR was useless in said company. I was in it for the “office experience” and the hours. Oh, naïve child, if you knew what I know now…

Being trained in IR makes me, at the very least, inquisitive in global affairs. No one here dares to argue about sex, politics, economics, history, philosophy, morality, ethics, and religion. The one person that does is leaving the company tomorrow! My brain is dead in said company and most people here talk about TV shows, celebrities or tragedies. I know an interesting TV show called House of Cards, but these people talk about Rhodora X (I know, don’t ask). Politics and business DO NOT match. They’re oil and water, I’d say.

If I had waited a little longer, I would be interning in ECCP.

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