Train Girl [Short Story]


I stood at the edge, waiting for it to arrive. I glared at my watch, wishing by some supernatural circumstance that I could slow down the minutes. It was difficult to determine if I had time to walk to my first class or hail a jeepney straight to my building. The heat and anxiety were getting to me. I wiped the sweat from my nape and brows with my Winnie the Pooh handkerchief. It was soaked with the essence of morning commute, courtesy of Chanel No. 5.

I stuck my head out to see if it was near. “Those damn trains are too slow,” I thought to myself. I stared blankly across the station with music rattling in my ear canals, and then I caught something at the corner of my eye. A petite girl stood beside me. If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve never boarded that train.

Her hair was highlighted with streaks of gold and brass at the sides: long, wavy, dry, thinned, and tousled. Her olive skin glistened through a thin layer of sweat and some trickled down her delicately bared collarbone. She wore a simple sleeveless brown dress with patterns of small four-petalled red flowers. It was a tight fit for her, and the contour of her waist and breasts made the eyes of towering men around her play across them. The dress cut short just below the vertex of her well-toned thighs, exposing two marvelous mouth moistening legs.

My elevator eyes finally got to her face. She was plain-looking, not a face that many would look at twice. The black liquid eyeliner framed her almond eyes. Her nose was small and subtle pointed. She had no lipstick on but lip gloss. More people came to the platform, and I was afraid that I would lose her in the sea of sweat and flesh. I inched closer and closer as people clambered around us. The train will arrive momentarily. So it did.

The doors opened and a wave of disembarking passengers pressed her against me. As soon as the first wave ended, the second pushed us inside until we reached the opposite door of the train. We were pinned together with nothing but clothing that separated our skins from touching. Her breasts, her abdomen, her thighs–I could feel all of it. The train picked up more people in the next station, which made my face jerk forward closer to her’s. “I could kiss her now,” I thought. She looked at my eyes as I looked at her’s. I could tell from her heavy breathing that she was getting excited.

The train accelerated. It did not slow down in its first bend. The weight of the people against my back made my lips meet hers, and in a moment I felt her buckle. I was fully erect, and she could feel it poking her abdomen. I looked around if anyone saw us. To my surprise, no one was facing our direction. I looked back at her. She was staring at me, mouth open, back arched against the door. I accepted the invitation.

I drove my leg up between her thighs. She bit her lips to restrain her moan from escaping. I kissed her again, this time forcing my tongue in. She was grinding on me while our tongues danced. I faced her to the door. “I want you naked underneath,” I whispered to her ear. She reached behind and raised her skirt. I caressed her bare cheek with one hand and reached forward with the other, feeling the moist through her white underwear.

Her panting heavied, her eyes closed and her hips gyrated. She pulled her underwear down, and my hand travelled from her ass, up her skirt and under her bra. I felt her nipples on my sweating palms, “So stiff.” I whispered. She moaned softly in return. I stuffed her moist underwear in my pocket and tugged her tits while her hands were frantically searching its way in my pants. She grabbed it just as soon as I stroked her wet clit. She let out a small cry; fear came over me. I looked around if anybody heard, still nothing.

I looked at my watch. “15 more minutes,” I thought. Even with my fingers in her and she jacking me off, I was still worried about my perfect attendance. She squeezed my dick between her thighs and a surge of heat came from her drenched pussy. I spread her legs wider and slid myself in. She squeezed my hand as she quivered in ecstasy. My movements were masked by the old train’s shaking and bouncing.

“Oh, shit. You’re big,” she said in a breath. She bit her fingers trying to retain any sounds that might have escaped her. My hands were at her clit and tits, tugging, rubbing, and twisting. She got wetter, hotter, tighter and sweeter as she clutched the rails to keep herself from falling. “More. More. More,” she said.

I flicked her clit furiously, and my tongue played with her ears. Suddenly her eyes and mouth opened, her back straightened, her head kicked back, and her entire body quivered. “You came, good girl. My turn.”

I faced her to me and soaked in her lustful expressions and jammed my cock in for a second time. I kissed her again and again, like a tiger devouring its prey after a month of starvation. As I sucked on her tongue, I felt it edging closer. “Faster,” I thought.

“I’m cumming in you.”

“No. In. My mouth. I’ll drink it.”

“Okay. Oh, fuck. I’m…”

I forced her to her knees where the view below was nothing but dozens sweaty legs, dirty shoes, and a bare red cock, wet from her pussy juice and virgin blood. She swallowed me whole, and I fucked her mouth. I grabbed her head and came hard. I pulled out of her mouth slowly, revealing a bridge of cum and saliva between the tip of my cock and the tip of her small tongue. She licked me clean. “Keep it in your mouth; don’t swallow until you need to speak.”

We left the train amazed, uncaught, and satisfied. I took her by the waist and said, “I think I’ll cut class today. You’ve got a beautiful patch of hair beneath for such a young girl,” hinting my further intentions.

She swallowed. “I can’t go to class without my underwear.”

“I know what we can do without underwear.”

She bit her lip and stared at me with those almond eyes. “Fuck me?”

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