Reconnecting with the Mainstream

Among my friends, I’m probably the most disconnected mainstream person. Here is a list of US produced songs that I’ve never, partially or have not heard of or seen the MV for the past year (if I’ve only heard cover versions than the original version will make the list as well). The list I came up with comes from the DJ Earworm Mashup – United State of Pop 2014 (Do What You Wanna Do). This will be a very surprising trip.

The lyrics are well written, and the melody is catchy. What I don’t get is that there’s a guy that just hangs out with the pianist and Aguilera, she HAD to look visually pleasing as opposed to the pianist and the hanging-out-guy, and everyone seems to be looking up most of the time. Pretty sure you could look down when you’re depressed. Pun not intended.

Who the hell is that whispering black guy? And she does not look like a 12-year-old, as many people keep pointing out.

Interesting but not interesting enough for me to research what it meant.

Are they capitalising pro-LGBT rights through mainstream music? I’m not anti-gay or anti-anything. I’m anti-let’s-make-money-out-of-the-most-human-of-things.

That’s some Clueless shit right there, and she’s a big woman. I’m a sucker for anything 90s.

That drum and bass doe. That product placement doe. Quentin all up in this beesh.

Uncreative lyrics. I wonder if people realise that this song is sampled from this song, which by the way comprised most of Talk Dirty’s charm.

I couldn’t find the MV for this, and I did listen to the full song. This is just more visually appealing. Uncreative lyrics, again.

Her face reminds me of the pop singers of the 90s for some reason. The tune’s catchy but not appealing. She has an amazing voice though, gotta give her that.

The ONLY MV in this list that I watched twice. Everything was awesome except the song itself. The song was okay.

This band has really changed! This just shows how much I listen to them /sarcasm.

I don’t understand the 1960s theme. The lyrics were good. The music, not so much.

Gotta get back to this one after I post this. Yeap, this duo has caught my attention, and I’m gonna do a bit of researching. To think that I never heard of them but the whole world has. I’m a reverse hipster.

I thought that folk was breaking the boundary into mainstream. Then I heard the very pop-like chord progression of the chorus.

What the fuck?

Well that gave me a huge flashback to my high-school days. And she wasted food! WTF.

Songs that didn’t make the list aka I’ve heard the whole song or seen the MV:

Dj Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down For What

Idina Menzel – Let It Go

John Legend – All Of Me

Lorde – Team

MAGIC! – Rude

One Direction – Story of My Life (I actually didn’t listen to it. I just hate western boy bands.)

Pharrell Williams – Happy

Sam Smith – stay with me

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

I didn’t expect that I would like a song/artist enough to make me research on them. This is very interesting. This doesn’t mean that I’ll listen to these artists though. Maybe I’ll do this every year when DJ Earworm makes his best mashups.

P.S. I haven’t made a shallow entry like this in a long time.

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