Fightnight in My Mind Only with More Music

I had a dream about two people fighting. It sounds boring but this dream was a musical. It began with an actor getting ready for a piece entitled White Bird.

The White Bird was omniscient and experienced all the emotions humans have in one instance. So the actor’s performance would be something in the line of many personalities with different emotions merged into one. The White Bird was an old monologue/solo piece that many actors have performed.

The newest actor named Young One practiced his lines backstage. He already had his costume of what looked like Icarus only with more feathers. An older actor named the Old One passed by to see how the actors were doing.

The Old One noticed the Young One and laughed. “You’re doing it wrong,” the Old One said.

“You’re not the one performing,” the Young One got pissed as his concentration broke. An exchange of dialogue of how it should be done happens.

Then the Old One couldn’t take it any longer and put on a similar looking costume only the white of the feathers were fading. The Old One sang the first stanza of the song while creeping up to the Young One. The Young One sensed that his spotlight was being stolen and replied with the second stanza but with his own style.

The two circled each other as the chorus bursted into a climax then, in a style of Defying Gravity, ended with the two belting at each other’s throats. The audience roared into an applause jolting the two birds. The two birds had not noticed that they were on stage, and they knew that they couldn’t get the same result if they performed solo.

That’s when the dream ends. The Fight of the Two White Birds is my first musical dream that I remember because of how the audience reacted. Simply, the audience was entertained by two people’s struggle. The Old One, who wanted to be at the limelight again and the Young One, who was brave to try anything.

Also, a play within a play! That some The Producers shit right there.

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