A poem for extrajudicial killings

My country is going through a metamorphosis, yet what we’ll come out as, we don’t know. Vigilantes are running around shooting alleged drug pushers and dealers, wrapping them in packaging tapes, and labeling them with cardboard placards. President Duterte has accidentally spawned a band of would-be judge, jury, and executioners since his call on the war on drugs. Below isĀ just a snippet of what my country is going through:

Extrajudicial killings are murders. Please, let law enforcement agencies do their work (and please, do that work properly).

Anyways, Spotify recommended this track by Zion.T, and I was blown away. His use of one onomatopoeia to tell different stories in different parts of his life inspired me to write the poem. From the sound of people complaining to the sound of his heart beating, I wanted to write something like that for the victims.


(Poem is untitled because I couldn’t think of something appropriate for it)

Words march through
Stomping to crimson gazes
Gazes turn and turn and burn
No longer marches
No longer turns
No longer rises
Spears of sounds spear and pound
Those who see the bleed
The light of life drips to mounds
The noise, plead stampede
Keep safe those hearts
For the day we bark
Marks the day we march

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