Use and Purpose

Before I start writing anything, I want to say that DLSU is an amazing institution for scholarly training and academics. I’m a scholar, and I truly appreciate the time I have spent there. I’ve learnt so much in such a short amount of time. I’ve met brilliant people with mind-shattering ideas. La Salle is and will always be a home for me.

So, what’s with the disclaimer? I think I’ve made a mistake enrolling in a master’s program under La Salle. Let’s start at the beginning.

My initial interview for the graduate program started with the question “Why did you choose La Salle among other universities?”

I answered, “La Salle has a double degree program with Japan, and the others don’t. Academics in UP and Ateneo are amazing, but I’m after the double degree program.”

For a year and 8-ish months, my mind was set on earning that second MA in Japan. But now it seems like that program has disappeared.

I have stated my interest in it with the proper entities and individuals within the university. I have correspondence with them. I have even been told to check for announcements. But now it seems to have disappeared.

La Salle’s purpose to me was to provide an avenue for me to get to Japan, to give me a way to live there for long term, to show me a route and destination for my future. That purpose, in my personal opinion, has gone.

To put it bluntly, La Salle has no purpose for me. I was there for a double degree program, but I haven’t heard from them. When I look back to 2015, I feel like I should gone to ADMU instead.

I’ve always had a bias towards Ateneo. It’s not an academic bias but more of a cultural bias. Plus I live 10 minutes away from Ateneo.

Anyway. So what’s next for good ol’ me? I still plan to go to Japan, but this time for work. I’ll be teaching English and hopefully get a position. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll be transferring to Ateneo by the start of intercession.

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