Fantasy Family

This is gonna be a short one or maybe a long one. I guess it depends on my level of interest.

I don’t have a perfect family, and I don’t like it. Some people would think that I’m lucky enough to even have a family or even have a proper childhood, but that shouldn’t stop me from complaining, right? It shouldn’t stop me from saying that although my parents raised me, fed me, clothed me, and even hurt me that I would want better parents. I want my family to be better.

But what would that entail? We would need to get a family therapist, meaning we would need to spend time, money, and effort to fix this broken relationship. Oh, and emphasis on money. Money broke this family apart, and I highly doubt that my father would want to spend money to try to fix it.

I’m a don’t-cry-over-spilt-milk type of person. That means if something is broken and can’t be fixed (like spilt milk), then move on. Move forward because crying over it will only hold you back. There’s nothing I can do to fix this family if 2-out-3 them don’t want it fixed. So, what happens?

That’s where these two, Running Man and Wil Dasovich, come in. They are my fantasy family. They are how I picture what a caring family is. Watching them makes me feel like I’m part of the family I’ve always wanted. Is it unhealthy? I dunno. I feel happy when I watch them and disappointed when I’m with my real family, so you tell me.

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Family

  1. this reminds me of those time I used to cry a lot when my mom and dad were fighting but then there’s one time my mom told me there’s no use of crying, it wouldn’t help nor fix anything. I started to care no more, yes, it helpS. (still)

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    1. Yeah. I think if I invest myself into this problem, it’s just going to hold me back. It’s energising to know that I’m progressing, but at the same time it drains me when the problem pops up in my family.

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