Meeting My Fellow Bloggers

I’ve been on WordPress since 2009, and that really astounds me. What surprises me even more is that I’m publishing another blog entry that isn’t a month apart! Not many things in my life are this consistent then again it’s impossible for me to stop writing just like how it’s impossible for us to stop dreaming.

Anyway, let me talk about meeting my fellow bloggers. I’ve been following this blog called Say Cheese! for the longest time. Recently, he posted that he met some fellow Filipino bloggers through a Facebook group. So I signed up for the group and saw an FB event for a second meet-up at a restaurant 15 minutes away from me.

I took the train, asked a mall-cop directions to the restaurant (he told me it didn’t exist. Mhm), and found them. I thought that we were going to talk about the backend technical aspects of WordPress as a writing platform and discuss possible avenues into creating a seamless way to bring more content to people. But no, we ended up talking about everyday life, which is as interesting as what I wanted to talk about since meeting new people means learning new perspectives.

I’m not really good with names, so I can’t list them down here however they were all very nice.

I looked at my watch and thought, “I need to leave in a bit.” I had to hit two speciality coffee shops in the area, and I didn’t have a car. They were both pretty good; one was in an amazing cultural community while the other was in a suburb.

As I was heading back to the train station, I stopped for a cigarette. With a well-brewed coffee at had, DPR LIVE piped through my earphones. Something about smoking a cigarette at a street corner with a good cuppa joe and some music made me realise how lucky I was that I have the privilege to do this in comfort.

The wind was blowing; DPR LIVE was spitting out some sick bars; I had good coffee and my favourite cigarette. For a moment, things just aligned. I loved it.


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