Asperger’s syndrome

Please read this article on Asperger’s syndrome before continuing below. My blog entry will make a whole lot of sense after you read the article.

I’ve had similar experiences like the one in the article when I was a child. I still have some experiences till now. Do I have a little bit of Asperger’s syndrome?

I remember making a project at a class. The project was not meant for that class. The teacher got mad at me told shouted, “If you wanna do that, do it outside!”

I thought, “Wow! I get to work on this without any distractions!” So I picked up all my things and went out. I continued to do my project then around thirty seconds later a classmate of mine told me to go in. I don’t remember what happened next, but I do remember the principal asking me, “Why did you leave the classroom?”

To which I answered, “She told me I could.”There was another time where I was being really noisy in class. I don’t remember why I was noisy. My teacher shouted at me, “You want to be noisy? Fine! Be louder!”

Then I thought, “Wow! I get to be louder!” So I did. I was sent to the principal again.

He asked me, “Why were you noisy in class?”

I answered, “She told me I could be louder.”

As a kid, I never understood why adults didn’t tell me up straight that I was being a nuisance. I couldn’t wrap my head around sarcasm. More importantly, when I was given vague instructions (like in the article that I linked above), I was always too scared of asking for specific instructions, so I would always have to guess if what I was doing was right.

Adults would always scold me and say, “Why don’t you use your common sense?” Yeah. As if giving specific instructions are SO difficult *rolls eyes*.

If I did ask for instructions, they would say, “Can’t you do it on your own?” Of course, I can! You’re the one giving vague instructions!

I’m not diagnosing myself with Asperger’s syndrome. I just feel a connection with the artist in the article since she had it. I’m a lot better at dealing with instructions because I’m not afraid to ask. I ask, and I do it to a T. If I mess up, it’s their fault for not being clear. I asked. I delivered.

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