Why I Don’t Talk About Politics

So a couple of days ago Android Authority released a video essay titled The Truth Behind The Facebook Privacy Scandal – The Real World Matrix, and this got me thinking about my inaction of political participation. I asked myself, “why am I not as vocal as my other friends who took political science?” Sure, I share news on my FB, but I really don’t make an effort to comment or to start a discussion on what I shared. I couldn’t think of a reason why my political participation was so low until I read Rappler’s piece titled Sarah Elago on why being young and being a dissenter matters.

Ms. Elago is a perfect example of an anti-thesis to me (or maybe I’m an anti-thesis to her). So another question would be, why am I not like her? Why am I not trying to create an arena of discourse in order to find this elusive paradigm shift? Then I remembered the advice that my boss told me. “What are you going to sacrifice in order for you to achieve your goal?”

And for new readers here, my goal has always personal growth and the pursuit of happiness. I think that’s why I don’t post about politics. What I mostly post are positive reinforcements and my progress in self-improvement. I feel like I’ve made more strides in improving myself than trying to make a cohesive arena for discourse. Obviously, trying to change the political landscape is harder than changing a single person. But think of it this way. How can I help others if I can’t help myself? If I want to help people become better people, then I should be a better person.

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