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The strikethroughs represent a change in mind. I would erase it, but this keeps track of what I used to be interested in and how I progress through time. Plus, this feels strangely more dynamic and alive than just a plain old bio page.

Thank you so much for taking your time to drop by this page. In exchange for your time and effort, I will tell you a little something about the author. He was born in the year 1991 during the 24th day of February. Although he is a Philippine national and a Filipino by blood, he loves Europe Japan and South Korea. A couple of years after his birth, he moved to England where he spent most of his childhood. He developed the love for all things creative and artistic there (such as musical theatre). At the age 9 (and-a-half, arguably) he came back to the Philippines and eventually graduated with a degree in European Studies at De La Salle University-Manila. He’ll work for at least two years in the Philippines whilst advancing his knowledge of the German language. If his career in Germany takes off, he wishes to take his MA in Philosophy and International Relations in Heidelberg University, after having obtained the TestDaF-Niveaustufe 5 certification, and another MA in Eastern Philosophy at Waseda University. The author has told me that he has changed his mind about where he’s going to grad school and what degree he would be holding. He is in his second year of graduate school studying for a double master’s degree in Political Studies and International Public Policy, hoping to gain skills in political economics and international relations in memory studies. After a year at DLSU university, he will travel to Osaka to fulfil the latter degree he hopes to work and live in Japan and continue his academic dream of publishing a paper on memory studies. He sees himself specialising in International Law and working for an international organisation such as the ASEAN, UN, or EU travelling around the world and teaching English while learning their language and culture then passing it on to his next students. He is a lover of knowledge and wisdom, and he wants to share that with the coming generations. Although unplanned, he wishes to teach Philosophy, Politics and their prerequisites to high school students. He is also a Zen Buddhist, somewhat.

11 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Europian Studies? That’s one of the courses I would take if I ditched Premed Physics. Haha! Frosh here. #Animo!


  2. I have read some of your blog posts. You’re a good writer! The way you express your thoughts is stupendous! Like David Levithan’s, indeed! Keep it up!


  3. Hi. Do you know Hyuii Mikagami/Hyuii Martinez? We four UPLB students plus alumni of CDC are curious whatever happened to him. He stayed in UPLB for a year and never came back. May utang pati siya sa amin. At sa iba.


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