About the Website

This website used to be my old blog called Peter Pan and the Lost Boys with the URL myneverlandinmywonderland.wordpress.com under the pen name Mr. Anarchy. I don’t remember if I explained why I chose those names, so let me do it now. The reason why I went with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys is that I always saw myself as never ageing. Sure I’d get older, but on the inside, I’d always be young. As for that horribly long URL, I always saw Neverland and Wonderland as a place to escape the real world. Why the two layers of ‘lands’? I always thought that having a realm in a realm was sort of cool and nothing more, haha! Now why Mr. Anarchy? I was always the type to question big authority or any form of authority (I guess that’s just the nature of the INTJ).

When I upgraded from my free blog to a Personal Plan, I knew that my blog had to evolve from just a blog to something else. However, I didn’t want this new website to have a completely new identity. This website is me, and I would want to keep it as close to me as possible. Although I may be posting prompted essays, short stories, or poems, this is still a reflection of my thoughts and emotions. That’s why I haven’t deleted any of my old and quite honestly taboo blog entries. If you look at the subjects of the entries through time, you can see how I’ve changed. Yes, those horrible opinions came from me at one time, but those were words and opinions of a person who didn’t know better. I’m always changing and learning, and I think it would be best to have all my terrible ideas live forever on the internet. Think of me as modern-day Germany who will never forget the atrocities of Nazi Germany.