Fasting Instead of Feeding (aka dieting instead of feeding)

I’ve noticed something common amongst the people I follow on twitter. Some people have been talking about dieting, because they think their body needs it; some people have been talking about fasting because they want to offer some sort of sacrifice for their god.

I get agitated every time I hear about this; not because I’m over-weight, but because these people think so much of themselves that they forget what they’re actually talking about. When a certain something plays a major role in a your life is belittled, that’s when you should know that there is something wrong with you.

People complain and whine about the traffic, yet they take for granted the fact that they can actually afford to buy a car that has air-conditioning, a radio and a comfortable seat. They forget that a car is a machine that’s designed to propel you from one place to another in a short amount of time with the maximum amount of security and comfort (depending on the car’s feature, of course).

Let’s bring down the situation to something that most people could relate to, since not all people who read this have a car/cars. Continue reading “Fasting Instead of Feeding (aka dieting instead of feeding)”

My First Post for 2012 – Dream Jobs are for Dreamers (part 1: Books)

Tomorrow, I’ll be having my job interview at my University. After some careful thought into what’s next to come in my career driven life, I have concluded that I will not be able to sustain and let alone thrive on my dream career/s. The Philippines is no place for people like me, who have something different to offer, to grow into something that people would find noteworthy. So what is/are this/these dream career/s? Let’s enumerate these:

Book reviewer (Check out this lovely home library here)

I have always loved reading books. It’s an amazing invention that humans have developed over the millenniums. Many people take for granted how amazing a book is because of the digital age that we live in. Even though I read books through my kindle, I still believe that eReaders and eBooks will never be able to replace a book’s essence. SO, back to the main topic lol. I want to be a book reviewer because I want to know how other people think, and I want to help them by giving my insight on how they can deliver their stories to their readers more effectively. Another main reason why I want to be a book reviewer is because I don’t want our children’s children’s so-on-and-so-forth to have books that we call “Literature” *coughtwilightcough*. Continue reading “My First Post for 2012 – Dream Jobs are for Dreamers (part 1: Books)”


Money cannot buy you happiness, but it can help you find it, and it can also help you avoid sadness. I see people going around laughing and enjoying themselves because money has their back. All their necessities have been solved; all they have to worry about is what’s in front of them: the future.

I’m not one of those people.

The Cultural Critique on Maggi Magic Sarap TV Commercial

I got an message on my facebook earlier today; it said that I got a 20/20 on my Genders final paper <3 So if can stand to read a long document, then here you go :D

P.S. This has Filipino language and Filipino culture; so it may be difficult for you to understand.

P.P.S. watch this video before reading the document

Isaiah Patrick V. Alix

The Cultural Critique on Maggi Magic Sarap TV Commercial

The TV audience of today has one aspect that I despise very much, and that is being completely oblivious to what the media is telling them. People just wait to get spoon-fed with information then complain a lot when media holds back information. Furthermore, we have no idea if the important information they may want to divulge is either true or false.

The case of former president, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, has come to a point in where she has been restricted from flying to another country—to receive treatment—and arrested in St. Luke’s Medical Center’s presidential suite. As the conspiracy theorist that I am, I can’t help but acknowledge that this—her injury, flight restriction and arrest—must be a plan to get to get herself out of this problem. How is this possible? I wouldn’t know. We must take into account that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is an extremely intelligent person: She studied in Georgetown University for two years and achieved a consistent Dean’s list status. She graduated as a magna cum laude in Assumption College with a degree in BA-Economics (T.S., 2011).

Her achievements in academics does not stop there. Gloria Arroyo took her Master’s Degree in Economics in Ateneo de Manila University. She then studied for her Doctorate Degree in Economics in University of the Philippines – Diliman. She taught and held high positions in University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University and other various schools. After graduating from Assumption College as a magna cum laude, she went back and became the chairperson of the Economics Department (Office of the President, 2007). Add to that the many years of experience in political work; who’s not to say that all the events that are unravelling around her are not to her and her family’s doing. Continue reading “The Cultural Critique on Maggi Magic Sarap TV Commercial”

Being Father Dependent

It’s been over two years since my father left this family. Yet he’s still playing a big role in decision-making, mainly because he’s the man with the money. Yes, he’s the one that keeps me and my mom alive. Not in a religious-I-love-you kind of sense, more like I-own-your-ass kind of sense.

To be controlled by a person, who I wish were dead, is just a fantastic feeling. I can’t even make decisions for myself. I ALWAYS have to ask permission from him when I need to spend on something (something that I NEED of course).

Here’s an example.

I just got off the phone with my father. I complained to him that I needed the Kindle because I needed it for school (which is true, I’m not lying. A Kindle is a student’s greatest technological portable asset, next to the laptop and cellphone). Then he tells me to be patient. The problem is, he promised me I’d get it on the first week of October… guess what day it is now.

He tells me to be patient. This pissed me off, but if I told him off, he would’ve won. So I kept silent. I told him that I would need an account for the Kindle so I could buy the books that I needed. He tells me to use my mom’s credit card instead of his. Remember, this is the man who took off with all the money, leaving us barely with any, then he tells me that I should let my mom pay for my books. Great logic, “father”.

Most of you have no idea what it feels like to be constrained by a parent who ALREADY left. I thought I would feel a bit liberated, but no. My father has still got me by the balls; he could cut off my education if he felt like it (I guess that’s one of the reasons why I’m such a workaholic ie. showing that $1,000++ per trimester isn’t wasted because I’m on the honour roll).

Another example.

Each time I’m on the honour roll, he tells my mother “Does he get a discount [on tuition]?”. My mother congratulates me, hugs me, kisses me and so on. My father thinks of the stupidest thing, money. Yeah, “dad”, I fucking feel your love all right.

I wish I wasn’t so powerless. A pathetic piece of crap that can’t stand up to his father that controls his family through money.

PS. I know, some people would consider me lucky because most fathers wouldn’t even support their family after they left. But, I believe he’s only doing this to avoid jail time, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.