Meeting My Fellow Bloggers

I’ve been on WordPress since 2009, and that really astounds me. What surprises me even more is that I’m publishing another blog entry that isn’t a month apart! Not many things in my life are this consistent then again it’s impossible for me to stop writing just like how it’s impossible for us to stop dreaming.

Anyway, let me talk about meeting my fellow bloggers. I’ve been following this blog called Say Cheese! for the longest time. Recently, he posted that he met some fellow Filipino bloggers through a Facebook group. So I signed up for the group and saw an FB event for a second meet-up at a restaurant 15 minutes away from me.

I took the train, asked a mall-cop directions to the restaurant (he told me it didn’t exist. Mhm), and found them. I thought that we were going to talk about the backend technical aspects of WordPress as a writing platform and discuss possible avenues into creating a seamless way to bring more content to people. But no, we ended up talking about everyday life, which is as interesting as what I wanted to talk about since meeting new people means learning new perspectives.

I’m not really good with names, so I can’t list them down here however they were all very nice.

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A Shallow Present to Myself


What you see above was a current work-in-progress, as I would always love to show my beloved readers transparency in my work. What’s totally different this time is the application I used to write my posts. Many of you may not know, I got my MacBook back in early 2009 and I’ve used Apache OpenOffice as my text editing/writing application since then. The only reason why I didn’t get Microsoft Office was because it was EXTREMELY expensive—the cost of running Mac OS X I suppose. However, I realised I needed a much more powerful word processor to get a certain feeling of satisfaction and gratification. Compared to OpenOffice, MS Word is a dream to work with, I must say. You may think that this isn’t such a big deal, but for a liberal arts student, whose life is mainly made up of journals, articles and papers written with OpenOffice, this is a gift from heaven. I honestly feel like I can stretch my wings.

What I’ve Learned After Three Years Of Blogging

Look at my stats, and tell me something. Am I good blogger?

I’ve been blogging for quite some time, and one thing always escapes me, “Why haven’t I been on Freshly Pressed?” Or better yet, “Why don’t I have hundreds of viewers at a time in my blog?” Granted, I only stepped up my game a year ago. However, I see other bloggers gaining recognition after only 5 months of blogging (and they write you as u.) So what’s up with me?

Could it be my tags? I don’t think so, since I leave it to WordPress to tag my posts.

Could it be my titles? Probably. I still don’t get this how-to-attract-readers-with-an-attractive-title thing.

Could it be the content itself? According to the stats, it seems so:

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