Katipunan blues (quick post)

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I’ve lived in Katipunan for over 12 years and I have seen it take radical changes. I was there before the LRT existed, before the underpass to Eastwood existed, before they cut down all the trees along Katipunan to make the road wider, before the church in Ateneo was erected, before the sports complex beside the High School buildings in Ateneo was erected, before Rustan’s grocery store existed, before when Mc Donalds still closed at 2AM and opened at 5:30-6:00AM, before when Red Ribbon and Max’s Chicken was still going strong, before Jollibee existed (they bought the lot of Red Ribbon and Max’s), before when we had to go to mass at the basketball court, before when Tapa King still existed, before when Kenny Roger’s and Seattle’s Best looked like crap, before when Kublai Khan (Mongolian resto) was still there then we go there after mass, before when the U-Turn slots along Katipunan were intersections (imagine the traffic!), before when Ken Afford (a restaurant) was at that shady building; where I also use to get my haircut from Banjo’s barber shop and go to this Internet café for LAN games and in that same building there was a Dunkin’ Donuts and a travel agency (betcha didn’t know that).

There are plenty more things that changed in Katipunan, and we all know that some things must end for something new to begin. But what SMDC and SM Corp. is doing is totally against our law! Our law states that “there must be no high-rise buildings” in Katipunan. But no, SM Corp. will never give a shit about what we think, as long as they can bribe the government, they can do anything they want.

If you know the empty lot in front of the LOTTO store, it’s apparently been bought by SM Corp. as well, or so I heard.

Please, just keep your money to yourselves, build somewhere else.

We Never Grow Up When it Comes to Attraction

Remember way back when you were a kid and you had a crush on someone you knew? Then somehow.. you find yourself throwing peas at the boy you like or you find yourself being mean to the girl you like. Aahh… good times, good times… BUT WAIT, there’s more!

I’ve noticed we actually never grow up when we like someone. No matter how old we are, how mature we are, we act like children when we see the person we like. This is a fact because this is what’s happening to me now. But whether I want to go out with her, that’s a whole new thing.

Love makes everyone young, that’s the truth