Reasons why I hate DLSU-M: Commuting people (part 1)

I can kinda commute everyday, I find it tiring, but, that’s what commuting is anyway. I’m okay with the physical activity of commuting, in fact I believe it’s good exercise. But I can’t stand the people who I commute with.

I find it really difficult for me to stay “not annoyed” (dunno the exact word) when people are near me. Not only that but they stink, they’re sweaty, loud and we breathe the same air. I’m fine if the people were beautiful girls, but how rare would it be for the whole cabin to be filled with beautiful girls?

So that’s reason one on why I hate DLSU-M. You may say “but it’s commuting, LRT, bla bla bla. It’s not DLSU-M itself”. I can only get to DLSU-M by commute, so, it’s part of my experience of DLSU-M.

This is also a reason on why I love Ateneo :D

Ateneo’s so near me I can literally walk there.