If 18th Century Enlightened France was in the UNSC

Official logo of the French Republic, used exc...
Official logo of the French Republic, used exclusively by its government and prefectures. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, we had a United Nations simulation on the motion of ‘Replacing Cap and Trade with Mandatory Carbon Emissions Reductions for high polluting and industrialized countries.’ I represented France in the Security Council, and here were my speeches. Oh, I was vetoed 4:1. We lost, big time.

First speech.

It is within our interest to progress even further as an industrialised state. Although, we cannot ignore the fact that the lands of millions of our brothers will be taken by the tide caused by rising sea levels. The risk of monetary gain is minuscule compared to the price that these small islands would have to face. Our belief still stands: Liberty. Equality. Fraternity.

Second speech.

France stands on the principle of equality. Tax exemption and carbon credits to industries and states by cap and trade is unconstitutional. The new proposed solution to the reduction of carbon emissions aligns with our principle of equality. The inability to purchase carbon credits to be used for industrialisation is not equality. France agrees to this solutions since it is beneficial to the Group of South-Pacific Islands through long-term economic gain. If nobody will save our brothers, who will?

Question from the professor:
Are you willing to take these people as part your state when their land disappears?

We will accept them as refugees. We will not erase their identity as members of their own state and risk them losing their sovereignty.