Something I Feel Strongly About (30 Day Challenge, day 2)

One thing I’ve always felt strongly about was the implementation of Philosophical subjects/classes in the last years of Basic Education. Ever since I entered High School, I’ve been questioning the existence of God, just like all atheists would do. But I knew that I would need someone to teach me more about it; I wanted to learn more and fast. The only teacher back then was myself. I would isolate myself for hours, contemplating and philosophising about EVERYTHING. Then from God, I slowly shifted to the self of man. All this happened before I got into college. But thing is, not everyone is as fortunate as I am to have such an extremely curious and daring mind. As early as 14 years old, I already knew the importance of philosophy, especially towards the students. Philosophy (and Critical Thinking) would open up a whole new level of thinking and understanding for these fresh minds. Since the Philippines only has 10 of Basic Education, philosophy would help mature the minds of these kids. I remember the first time when my friend said that he had become an atheist too because he saw what I meant (and at the same time something terrible happened which led him to understand what I was trying to say), I felt really happy. And he looked happier the coming years after. The feeling of actually helping someone improve their life, it’s really something.

But I’m not an atheist now. I realised that there would be no end in the battle of the existence of the supernatural divinity. I realised that life is too short to live, so why bother myself with such trivial matters. God? No God? Life’s more important than that! That’s why now, I’m practising Buddhism. I’m taking it slow, I’m not in a rush. Because no matter how fast I go, Death will always be there at the finish line.

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Our Hierarchy of Human Stress

I had an insightful conversation with a friend some time ago about how stupid high-schoolers act when they get “stressed”. We compared our stress to that of theirs and it was obvious that these high-schoolers are overreacting. Our conversation/chat went like:

me: I really don’t like hell week, makes me think how lucky HS students are..

friend: i know! and it annoys me to death how they complain that theyre gonna die due to stress

me: IKR? 8-| They’re like “OMG dance namin hindi pa tapos /wrist” (our dance isn’t done yet) At least they have a dance..

friend: ROFL!!! and like, “OMG THESIS PAPER. GONNA DIIIEE /wrist” and i’m like, whadibuurrr. 8-|

Yeah.. that was the distressed conversation between two university students. After our chat, I realized that there was a pattern of stress and complaints amongst the various age groups.

During pre-school we really didn’t care much about anything so we would do whatever we wanted to do and our parents paid much attention to us. During our grade school days our stress would increase. We’d get home-works, projects, tests and etc. I remember looking back at my kindergarten and pre-school years (I remember my pre-school years, somewhat) and I loved the idea of just running around and finger-painting on every wall on every corner of the room. The sense of freedom but with some minor disciplining. But that freedom was only limited around our parents, beyond that, we were suppressed; same goes for grade school (in my account anyway).  After grade school, we’d graduate into high-school and our stress would increase much, much more. The added pressure of getting into a good college and making our parents proud was very much the whole thing. Continue reading “Our Hierarchy of Human Stress”

How I Put Up With My Weekly University Torture…

We have this thing our university called The Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS) under the National Service Training Program the government established in 2001.  So what we do basically is going to an economically depressed area and help them out. We gain experience and understanding with what they go through in their lives; we try to take some of that load off their shoulders. We do that for 8 weeks, then we never get to see them again. Which is a good thing for me.

There are two courses under NSTP, one is the said above and the other is ROTC. We all know that one. I didn’t join ROTC because Continue reading “How I Put Up With My Weekly University Torture…”

I’ll pray, just this once.

When we chatted earlier, I thought we were gonna have a good one. Apparently, I was wrong. When you talked to me how bad your situation was… I was really shocked. When you told me about you financial matters and how doing under-the-table jobs was the only way to fix it, I was fucking surprised. I was even more surprised when you told me who suggested it. I already told you to please don’t do it :| I told you about the stories I know and the people who were put in that situation. I just don’t want to see you end up like them. No matter how strong willed a person is, they will find a way to break that person and leave them spiraling into certain damnation. And yeah… I speak from experience… I’m no motivational speaker, but I hope my words conveyed.

You asked me if I could pray for you. I’ll make an exception ’cause you just mean to much to me and I love you too much to see you get hurt. And please come back, everyone fucking misses you.

Please grant her the safety to see the day through and I wish her all the happiness I can grant.

I’m not good at praying at all…

(draft saved on Dec. 1, 2010)

My Love for Blogs (Things I Love and Hate About

Throughout the course of my time, I’ve been switching from one blogging site to another. Most of them, admittedly, have more diverse functions than WordPress. But to be honest, those functions simply destroy what it means to blog and to be a blogger. And because I have too much free time before my next class (Political Science. Our professor is so hot and he’s got the voice to match it as well :P ) I’ll blog my adventures during my adolescent years; rebelling against the norms and expressing them through writing.

My first ever “blog” (as far as I can remember) was During its time it was the most popular site for teen angst and attention seeking egoness-ness. I was pretty young and curious so I went and made an account. It was PRETTY DAMN BORING hahaha! So I never used it since the day I first signed up for it. The idea of “giving”/posting testimonials on someone’s page was uninteresting. It was a stupid idea to make that account. I hope closes, it’s a waste of sever space, I jest.

Years passed until I made another blog. It was during summer 2008 when I opened my site; I was pretty happy with it. allowed me to mold it to anything I wanted. I could install Continue reading “My Love for Blogs (Things I Love and Hate About”