5 reasons why I hate women


1. Clothes – women have a TON of fantabulous clothes. Like these for example:


and what do men have? Shirts and jeans :| Only Miyavi can beat women in fashion :p


2. Makeup :P – I can’t seem to buy makeup without getting the “he’s-a-fag-stare” I mean what’s to wrong about a straight guy looking to buy makeup or window shopping women’s apparel? I mean women go to the guy’s section and no one gives a fuck about it, oh I know why, it’s because they’re women isn’t it???? BUNCH OF SEXIST BASTARDS!

Anyway… the reason why I find makeup amazing is because it can turn and ordinary woman into a princess. Plus, it’s really beautiful. Kinda hard to explain actually :)) I love it because it’s fun, it’s art, it makes me and the person (guy or girl) feel good and it’s FUN :D


3. Shoes/footwear – HOMEGEHD! I can’t even decide where to start @-) I find women’s footwear to be very elegant, very beautiful and very exquisite etc. etc. I mean come on, can you say “no” to this?


When I see an excellent pair of heels, I would know it is (excellent). Because an excellent pair of heels, to me, is like a very sexy woman. She’s got the curves, she’s got beauty, and she’s got style :p Although wearing heels is a pain Dx I think, for what’s it worth, it’s worth it. Oh But it’s just not “heels” that I’m in to, it’s the whole range of footwear, but I love “heels” the best :))

4. Bags (it’s always about fashion isn’t it?) Hmmmmmm… I like FINO (since that’s what my mom seems to like as well :)) ), Louis Vuitton, Chanel. Burberry, Prada, Gucci….. So far only that :)) I’m new to bags so do forgive me :P But I like those bags that have urban designs on them, but it’s not just those cheap “slap-on” designs you see in Greenhills or Divisoria. But although there are a lot of fantastic bags for men, I like the designs for women as well.


5. When women wear guy clothes, it’s ok, or even really really hot, jut like Horikita Maki :D


isn’t she fantabulously hot with a black MALE blazer. (I can tell it’s a guy’s blazer, I have good eyes). It’s unfair for guys, cause if guys wear girl clothes, they’d look terrible Dx. You’d have to look like a girl to wear girl clothes properly.


*last two pics are old pics, pulled them out of storage and I can’t remember where they came from :|

So yeah…. you could say I’m fashionably gay