My Running Addiction

The Philippines has gained a new trend, and I think it’s a trend that’s here to stay. That is of course if the man who started it all will continue his legacy. Coach Rio, you truly are a man worth mentioning.

I got these bad boys (shoes above) from RIOVANA in Katipunan. We were initially just going to look for a book. We took a bit of a detour when I saw a tarpaulin of a football (not American football. That’s called handegg.) speciality store, Bootcamp Football Shop. I was taken aback when I saw a pair of boots that costs Php22k ($515). I put the boots back like they were made of crystals.

I exited the store and came across a lovely looking barbershop, Titan 22. I’ve always wanted to have my haircut in a classic barbershop, so I took the liberty in doing so.

Taguig branch

After my lengthily haircut, I went into the next store, RIOVANA. I was curious on how running was so popular here in the Philippines, so I snooped around.

I learned that there are different types of feet and there are special types of shoes that cater to them. There are also different ways a person can run. I apparently have a mild overpronation on my right foot, and the store guy told me that stability shoes would be suited for me, hence the shoes above.

I just recently jogged/walked 7km with these on, and I must say they are AMAZING. I never knew that I could go on for 7km, let alone 5km. Working out is just so refreshing, especially running.

I think people are addicted to running because of the culture behind it: the apparel, accessories, the events, the people who you meet and interact with. It’s like football culture, only it’s not. Heh?

I’ve been looking at the iPod Nano because it can track my progress without having to buy that thing that you have to out in your shoe. I’ve also been eyeing at a runner’s circle starter’s kit, but I’ll probably get it when I finally join a fun run or something.

Expect me to jog twice a day, everyday :D

Japanese Buffet and Sueño de Espadrilles, a Great Way to Spend My Mother’s Birthday

Today was my mother’s nth birthday (I apparently do not know my mother’s true age) and we sorta just went out for celebration. First stop (and the only stop) was The Podium, which was kinda strange since we would always go somewhere far for my mother’s birthday. Although just being a city-drive away is just fine for me. Our initial plans were to buy some stuff from this Portuguese deli store then go somewhere else, but my mother remembered that there was an Espadrilles boutique so we went there and looked about. I found out when there that Espadrilles is just a name of the shoe but there are plenty of companies that make it. The particular store that we went to was Sueño de Espadrilles, here’s  video of them: Continue reading “Japanese Buffet and Sueño de Espadrilles, a Great Way to Spend My Mother’s Birthday”