ADMU, Will You Accept Me?

At around September of 2011, I made a very important decision in my academic life. I decided that I was going to transfer to Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU). If you want to know the reasons why I decided to transfer out of DLSU, search my blog for the Reasons Why I Hate DLSU-M series. That should clear up some questions. If not, you can leave your questions at the comment section below. :)

So back to ADMU.

I got my application for transferee and application for scholarship from ADMU, and all that was left to do was to study for the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET). I didn’t study for it right away because my ACET was set in January; so I delayed my ACET tutorial ’til November.

Come November, and my workload had been doubled. November was practically like hell month for me because final papers, projects, videos and tests were piling in. During that month, I had my tutorial at the AHEAD Katipunan branch (which, by the way, is the best place to study for any college entrance test) while DLSU was churning out tests, papers and etc. Continue reading “ADMU, Will You Accept Me?”

My Father and His Plan to Ruin My Future

So earlier today I tweeted something about my title of this article

The story goes like this.. I flunked out of my previous high school, Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, and my parents were upset, obviously. My teachers (and I) knew that I was extremely smart, unfortunately I was extremely lazy as well. Hence, my grades on the subjects I hated (which at the time, were more than half of the curriculum) would exponentially drop. On the other hand, subjects I loved had high grades eg. Electronics. I was expelled for my lethargic behaviour and I knew I was in deep shit. I only had a year to go before I could go into college! But I fucked it up. So my parents and I were searching for a school that would take me in with my barely passing marks. LSM upped my grades so that I would be able to transfer to a “decent” school, but alas, my father did not see the opportunity that LSM gave me. He instead took matters into his own hands. Continue reading “My Father and His Plan to Ruin My Future”

Why am I in College? || Some advice for college students!!! (Seriously.)

Most if not all  college students get asked the question “Why are you in college?”. Normally our response would be:

  • A. Get a good job
  • B. Make a lotta money (aka get a good job)
  • C. To find meaning in life (???)
  • D. I have no idea
  • E. ALL OF THE Above
  • These answers would be pretty normal if you didn’t know what you wanted, what you truly and authentically wanted. Socrates gave some really good advice to people whilst he was still alive: “KNOW THYSELF”. Two words, just two damn simple words and yet our response is kinda like “Psshhh, I know ma’self bro/dog/dude/wha’ever!” That does not sound real assuring. Continue reading “Why am I in College? || Some advice for college students!!! (Seriously.)”

    I’ll pray, just this once.

    When we chatted earlier, I thought we were gonna have a good one. Apparently, I was wrong. When you talked to me how bad your situation was… I was really shocked. When you told me about you financial matters and how doing under-the-table jobs was the only way to fix it, I was fucking surprised. I was even more surprised when you told me who suggested it. I already told you to please don’t do it :| I told you about the stories I know and the people who were put in that situation. I just don’t want to see you end up like them. No matter how strong willed a person is, they will find a way to break that person and leave them spiraling into certain damnation. And yeah… I speak from experience… I’m no motivational speaker, but I hope my words conveyed.

    You asked me if I could pray for you. I’ll make an exception ’cause you just mean to much to me and I love you too much to see you get hurt. And please come back, everyone fucking misses you.

    Please grant her the safety to see the day through and I wish her all the happiness I can grant.

    I’m not good at praying at all…

    (draft saved on Dec. 1, 2010)

    My Love for Blogs (Things I Love and Hate About

    Throughout the course of my time, I’ve been switching from one blogging site to another. Most of them, admittedly, have more diverse functions than WordPress. But to be honest, those functions simply destroy what it means to blog and to be a blogger. And because I have too much free time before my next class (Political Science. Our professor is so hot and he’s got the voice to match it as well :P ) I’ll blog my adventures during my adolescent years; rebelling against the norms and expressing them through writing.

    My first ever “blog” (as far as I can remember) was During its time it was the most popular site for teen angst and attention seeking egoness-ness. I was pretty young and curious so I went and made an account. It was PRETTY DAMN BORING hahaha! So I never used it since the day I first signed up for it. The idea of “giving”/posting testimonials on someone’s page was uninteresting. It was a stupid idea to make that account. I hope closes, it’s a waste of sever space, I jest.

    Years passed until I made another blog. It was during summer 2008 when I opened my site; I was pretty happy with it. allowed me to mold it to anything I wanted. I could install Continue reading “My Love for Blogs (Things I Love and Hate About”