This is what happens when you slightly piss me off on my blog

This is what the fucking redneck wrote

yer such a drama queen, yknow? suing yer father is soo trying hard. next time i come upon an interesting blog name, i’ll look at the profile picture of the prson and judge them. hahaha!!!1!1

And here’s the url to it  link

And here’s the proof of the comment

Now here’s the problem you little fucking prick. How dare you judge me like you know me so well. Like you know me like the back of your hand. Just because you’ve read one blog of mine means that you know my whole entire life?! You call me a drama queen but you have no fucking idea what I’ve been through and no one knows about it ’cause I’m too ashamed to tell them what I’ve done in the past you fucking asshole. Do you even know what my father did to me and my mother? NO YOU DON’T. You obviously haven’t heard of the term “don’t judge a book by its cover” ’cause of all of your narcissistic bullshit that’s spilling out of your overgrown ego which is blocking your lost logic and reasoning, which I know you’ll never be able to get back or even develop.

You know what you are? You’re an uneducated, ignorant little pissant whose got personality issues. Yeah, you are obviously uneducated, you can’t even type a simple hate sentence right. Have you ever heard of capital letters? A sentence always begins with a capital letter, a proper noun, like a person’s name, begins with a capital letter, a proper noun, like a place, begins with a capital letter, proper nouns, which are SPECIAL names, begin with a capital letter. But obviously you wouldn’t know that ’cause you never paid attention in you class. I pity the breadwinners of your family, their hard work to pay for your education was just flushed down the toilet. In fact they should’ve just flushed it down, why waste it on you if they could use it to wipe their ass instead?

If you can’t find the conclusions to my premises and enthymemes, then you my little ignoramus, redneck, pissant, asswipe are no use of talking to. I wouldn’t dare have a logical argument with you. You obviously have nothing to prove to me. You now have the burden of proof. Your move.

PS. I was kind enough to remove your email an IP address in the picture above. Piss me off again and I’ll be giving your email to everyone, agreed? Good.

A short thought on the Philippines

I don’t love the Philippines, but I don’t hate it either. Although I AM ashamed to call myself a Filipino (I always have) and this disgusting Filipino blood that flows through every inch of my body, I detest it. I don’t consider myself a Filipino and on good grounds.

I like the Philippines as a country, just the country. The landscapes, beaches and forests are amazing. The animals and all the little critters that scamper around that eat each other are fantastic. The Philippines is a beautiful country, no doubt about that. But then why do I only LIKE it (as a country)? Easy, I’ve seen better.

I LOATHE the Philippine Government. I hated it ever since I came here. I saw poverty, corruption, ect. ect. I mean, seriously, what type of government would let you vote an a college dropout action star as the President? Isn’t that just fucked up?

How can I love the Philippines if the people who govern it, SUCK? I’d rather take my chances with Canada.

And another note, I just read this amazing article by Daniel Wagner. Here’s a snippet “If the Philippines wants to get its act together and live up to its potential, it needs to demand more of itself. It can achieve this by stopping making excuses for its failures and ending its acceptance of the lowest common denominator. President Aquino promised to put an end to nepotism and corruption in government. The people should make sure he does this. When the police screw up a hostage rescue, the people responsible should be fired. And when a beauty queen blows an attempt to become the glory of the Philippine people, it should be recognized as such.” That’s just a part of it, read (I’m not asking you to read it, I’M TELLING YOU TO READ IT) and hopefully, you Filipinos get hurt. I’m not, cause I’m with this guy. If you think I sound cocky, that’s your “Filipino pride” talking.

Flame me, but you know that Daniel Wagner and I are right. RIGHT?

Crazy accurate :O

Got this life test from
I had to erase some names :P
1-st question. Priorities in your life:
2-nd question:
dirty implies your own personality.
cute implies personality of your partner.
disgusting implies the personality of your enemies
yummy- It is how you interpret sex.
salty implies your own life.
3-rd question:
Ryan – Someone you will never forget.
Arielle – Someone you consider your true friend.
—– – Someone that you really love.
—– – Your twin soul.
Hyuii – Someone that you will remember for the rest of your life.

10 Things Women Forget To Do During Sex!

Grab this interesting sex thing off facebook :))

1. Vocalize your enjoyment! Listening to a woman bellow in ecstasy “I’m … COOOOOOOMING!” is as good, if not better, than the sex itself.

2. … but don’t forget that other people in house/apartment nearby will hear you, especially if he is awkward about that sort of thing.

3. NO. TEETH. (What are you, eighteen? You should know that by now, really.)

4. Offering to let him come on your face will make his friggin‘ day. If that’s too porn-y for you, let him come on your chest instead.

5. That slow, gentle, tender sex you’re having? It’s probably for your benefit, not his. “Guys love the express train 90 percent of the time, so get off the local!” Maybe just be clear that there should be a fast sex/slow sex balance in the relationship, lest he think you like the jackhammering as much as he does.

6. Men don’t only love penis massages—they love back and shoulder massages, too. Making him come then rolling him over and mounting his butt to administer a back massage is a lovely way to bring on A Post-Coital Man Nap.

7. Wait to hop in the shower and wash all that dirty, dirty sex off. “Come back to bed after you’re done warding off a UTI in the loo when we’re finished—there’s nothing like savoring the moment.” Aww, they get lonely when we leave them in bed by themselves!

8. Boys have nipples, too, and sometimes, they can be very sensitive. His junk isn’t the only place he wants you to kiss!

9. Assume your guy’s anus is feeling neglected, too. “Don’t forget that some guys like a pinkie in the ass.” He just might be too embarrassed to ask for it, so let your fingers wander and see what happens.

10. Get out of the bedroom. “Women forget to have sex anywhere other than in bed without guidance.” I think this means he likes to do it in the shower?

It’s a love-hate thang


So yeah… I just saw this brilliant movie, and…. well it’s beyond brilliant. It’s one of the best western romantic-comedies I’ve ever seen.

Although it is fantastic and fresh (obviously, I mean hello??? A Sundance entry man!) I hate it :P For very very personal reasons. It really felt like I was Tom in that movie, so it really really hit me hard. I really love the movie, but at the same time I hate.

So like Tom was much more expressive than I was. He really didn’t care if other people see him as a wreck, unlike me I hide it so other people wouldn’t worry for a person like me :P

So yeah… I’m still in my days of summer. And following the movie, autumn will never come if summer is still here. Soooooooo…. Yeah, the movie is kinda like a manual for me isn’t it? :))

I’ll be looking forward to more of these brilliant movies :P Mainly the French ones :))