Should I Fall in Love Again? (Part 1: What is love?)

Attempting to define an emotion is like playing a violin with a carrot. It’s possible, but it’s not always spot on. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to write this entry like a paper for uni as much as possible.

Let me tell you how my day started. I woke up from a dream that got me all shaken up; as I recall, I was getting late for my first class. As I sat up on my bed, I realised, “It’s a Saturday. I hate myself.” I peered over my shoulder and glanced at the clock. 8:00, it tells me. I slept for 8 hours, two-days-in-a-row! That’s a luxury I would love to have. Oh, if only I could. I gave the clock a little smile and looked out the window. “Well, isn’t the sun shining ever so pleasantly this day. It’s probably going to be a good day.” I decided that I’d take a picture of how the trees were looking inexplicably beautiful.

As I came down the stairs with my camera at hand, my mum was at her laptop. She was probably chatting with some of her friends on Facebook (as she always does.) She told me to get the laundry before she left for the gym. “Okay,” I said.

Trees out back
Trees out back

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The Girl in My Dream

Exactly one week ago, I told the girl in my dream (here and here. Those were written before I pledged to make better content, so brace yourself) that I love her. She figured I would tell her when I felt like it, even if she didn’t ask, and that she would get it straight from me and not from my friend. We talked ’til 1:45AM, and we talked about a lot of things, mainly on how we should deal with the crumbling relationship we now have. And being the “kind-hearted” girl that she is, she tries to help me move forward. Bless her. I don’t know where to begin, but at least you guys know.

P.S. I’m still working on the post about love. I’m working on paper for uni, so I’m still pretty much swamped.