My Philosophy of Human Existence (PHILOPE finals)

In my previous term in De La Salle University – Manila, I took a class called Philosophy of a Person (PHILOPE). It’s the next class you’d take after you’ve passed Introduction to Philosophy (INTFILO). Our professor in PHILOPE told us that “You will have to write a paper on human existence in place of your final exam”.

And so I began.

Unfortunately, I believe I didn’t get the grade that I deserved, but I guess it was kinda my fault as well. To say “All the things I learned in class don’t matter” well, what kind of professor wouldn’t get pissed off LOL.


Philosophy of Human Existence

First and far most, I want to make this as clear as possible that, although I find all these philosophers and their philosophy to be interesting, I can say that I am only interested in them in an academic point-of-view. I am, as many people find hard to believe, a buddhist, a zen buddhist if you want to be more specific. My friends find this hard to believe because of my long-standing battle against religion. I was, what they called then, a pilosopo back in high school. Continue reading “My Philosophy of Human Existence (PHILOPE finals)”

How Important You Think Education Is (30 Day Challenge, day 9)

(My university at night, too bad you can only see half of it :(

So since I’m a university student, it just goes to show that I should know how important education is. And that god I do know. Ask people around about this importance of education and they’ll all say the same thing… it would be something about only knowing the importance, but not really caring much about it. When I was still in my high school years, I didn’t care much for it. I thought that it was useless because I could be making a ton of cash by creating a small business rather than waste it on something that I’ll just forget later on… But I was young and naïve for thinking of that! And thank goodness for that. Continue reading “How Important You Think Education Is (30 Day Challenge, day 9)”