Where Am I Headed?

Around a week ago, one of my favourite artists released a song on his SoundCloud (video of song above). It left me asking question about what I should be doing with myself. I knew what I needed to do in my life, and I’ve all ready set out a plan for my career. I just don’t know what to do with myself personally.

For the past weeks, many friends have been trying to get in touch with me, and I’ve also been trying to help them out with their problems. I want to help them because I do want to see them smile again (yes, they are of the female kind).

They got me thinking. I’ve been helping a lot of people with their personal problems for the past three or so years, but I really haven’t been paying any attention to myself. My problem with my father is going beyond my control. It’s probably because he has theĀ upper-handĀ in my family. The fate of my family and my future rests in the hands of an incompetent man. How’s that for being fucked up? Anyway… Continue reading “Where Am I Headed?”

I have Discovered My Type of Buddhism

A couple of days ago I saw this trailer in one of my facebook groups–Filipino Buddhism. I got myself a copy of it, and I finally found out what kind of meditation I needed. Here’s the trailer:

As you can see, this movie is EPIC. Not just because Jackie Chan’s there (well partly anyway), but because it deals with Buddhism, and I love Buddhism LOL.

I watched a the movie until [SPOILERS] Continue reading “I have Discovered My Type of Buddhism”