Fasting Instead of Feeding (aka dieting instead of feeding)

I’ve noticed something common amongst the people I follow on twitter. Some people have been talking about dieting, because they think their body needs it; some people have been talking about fasting because they want to offer some sort of sacrifice for their god.

I get agitated every time I hear about this; not because I’m over-weight, but because these people think so much of themselves that they forget what they’re actually talking about. When a certain something plays a major role in a your life is belittled, that’s when you should know that there is something wrong with you.

People complain and whine about the traffic, yet they take for granted the fact that they can actually afford to buy a car that has air-conditioning, a radio and a comfortable seat. They forget that a car is a machine that’s designed to propel you from one place to another in a short amount of time with the maximum amount of security and comfort (depending on the car’s feature, of course).

Let’s bring down the situation to something that most people could relate to, since not all people who read this have a car/cars. Continue reading “Fasting Instead of Feeding (aka dieting instead of feeding)”

it’s the start of something new :D


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Hello world :D

I’ve sent this link to all my plurk, facebook, and twitter contacts. So it’s kinda like a private blog for all my friends :)) makes no sense :P anyway…

This is I think my 5th blog site :)) multiply (dead), livejournal (dead), tumblr (dead), blogspot (no blog, but have an account, plus I like my url there :)) I might use that one :P I’ll switch everyday, see which one suits me best :D ) plus I have another wordpress account, it’s mainly music realted, but it’s kinda dead :P but I’ll bring it back life since I’m using this one again. :))

So! In this site (which I intend to keep this time) will be about anything. My thoughts, my feelings (most definitely my feelings) and maybe the occasionally something special.

So, first entry!

why did I choose myneverlandinmywonderland as my url? And why Peter Pan and the Lost Boys?

Well first off, those are two incredibly incredible stories, second, throughthelookingglass was taken :| but I like this one better :)). Third, my Neverland means a place where I can go to and never grow up :> to never grow up and just be me :D Fourth, my Wonderland is like my own world. Wonderland is a world where everything is backwards, different, peculiar, fun, enjoyable, so on and so on. So that’s why I chose myneverlandinmywonderland

Next! why Peter Pan and not Alice?

Well it’s not like I’m sexist (I’m not, ok???) it’s just that, I find Peter Pan and his Background story, his life and his personality much more attractive then Alice’s. Just think about it (no really I’m serious :| think about it :)) )

last thing..

please follow my blog :D I’d be delighted if you did :P