Katipunan through My Eyes

I decided that I would show you Katipunan. I left my place at 4PM, waiting for that perfect golden light. This is my home. This is where I’ve spent most of my life, and it’s beautiful. I wanted to show the suburban beauty that most people ignore; please, enjoy. (PS. some photos might have dark orbs, this is due to the old lens I have.)

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Pictures, Pictures, Pictures… Easy Way to Get Readers

I’m quite mad at people who call themselves photographers. I can see that they obviously used Photoshop, they turn ugly pictures into some “pleasing”, the subject is horrible, they have no idea of the concept for rule-of-thirds. Lastly, I doubt they even know the relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speed; add to the equilibrium of the light meter.

But what sets me off is that they get 100s of views per post on the first day. Terrible… it sickens me. Then when I write a really insightful article about religion and Harry Potter, what do I get? Nine views, nine fucking views.

Then I realised that most of my readers hate to read, even if it is interesting.

So I’m going to do an experiment. Here’s my latest field-trip that I took with my awesome photography skills (lols).

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Something That You Are Proud Of (30 Day Challenge, day 17) PHOTOS

If there was one thing I was really proud of… I guess it would be my skills as a photographer. I only have a Nikon D60 with a 18-55mm kit lens and a 55-200mm kit lens, SB-600 and a third-party battery grip, BUT I still manage to take decent photographs. I don’t use any software except iPhoto (just to correct the colour, or to make it ). Here are some pictures I think that look great:

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Saving Up for a Yashicaflex or a Ricohflex

Earlier today I went to school to pay for my tuition, then I did various errands with my mother. She left soon afterwards and I met up with a very close friend of mine, Julia (she’s a strange one hahaha!) I made her a promise that I would take her out and make it her day, but we had some change of plans along the way… so that just simply means that I have to take her out again :D Anyway, we went to a nearby mall called Robinson’s Manila (I think) to watch ‘On Stranger Tides’. The only available time was at 1:45PM and we had around 2 hours to kill. We walked around and stumbled upon an antique shop.

I told Julia “What are the chances that I find a Rolleiflex here?” “I dunno” she apathetically replied. So we went in anyway. I saw textiles, combs, old vinyl players and old toys. Then when I looked up on the shelves I saw Continue reading “Saving Up for a Yashicaflex or a Ricohflex”

Why You Should Date a Photographer

Date a girl who takes photographs. Date a girl whose favorite sound is the click-click of the shutter as it closes and opens to capture a memory. Date a girl who sees the wonder in the simplest things. Date a girl who looks at the world and wonders how to put a little of herself in it.

You might find her in the park, lost behind her lens, the world a blur around her as she tries to capture a single moment in time. You might find her in an exhibit, a look of concentration on her face as she contemplates a photograph that called out to her as she was passing by.  Or maybe you will find her in a bookstore, a book in her lap as she pores over photographs of weddings all the while wondering what hers would look like. Continue reading “Why You Should Date a Photographer”