Entangled Among the Celestials

These two realities of young and old collide

And from their hearts, the universe does amplify

It blossoms with a flame from their centrality

And kindles the old soul with immortality

Then endless heat embraces them until their peak

Realities converge and found the soul they seek

Behind new bars [Poem]

This poem was prompted by Robert Peake’s prompt generator.


Include as many of the following words (or variations on these words) as you can: flaws, spear, guts, earlier, styrofoam, blouse, shimmer, insurance, nous, parrots

Also: Include an unusual taste

Picture for inspiration by public domain review

Crawling on its guts with its long black blouse

Absorbed in the shimmer that no eyes can see

Dangling from the ceiling of the rotten jailhouse

Tasting flawed bliss of afternoon tea

This poem is about a prisoner who killed himself in his cell. Death was the only way he could bring peace (like afternoon tea). However, suicide brings in more death, so the reaper collects him and imprisons him for his misdeeds.

P.S. I am not shaming anyone who has committed suicide or anyone who has done self-harm. Suicide does stop a person from feeling, but the sadness doesn’t disappear. It spreads. The best way to get rid of the sickness is to get medical help from an expert.

Choice [Poem]

What sleeps beneath your wasting husk

Wakes when the twilight clock is struck

Ask it whether it friend or foe

Illuminate that was unknown

Do fangs appear when once sincere

Or rain so clear when held so dear

That perfect crust so smooth and gold

Is that what should the eyes behold?

Mayhaps not mask but shield you wield

Then steeled your heart forever sealed

Unconscious frowns and conscious smiles

Shall toss your ghost in flame and trial

Discard the shield, the crust, the mask

Ignite the hidden powder flask

Let brightness shine like caviar

Then live forever among the stars

Salt [poem]

And so it rolls back and forth

Just as the tide’s slow conquer

Upon the forever waterlogged shores

The land falls itself back

Into the warm wet wide womb

Like how I will fall back

Into land or sea or sky

Our mother birth us apart

But we are brethren

In fate

Summer’s end (poem)

I wrote this at school :P


Through this stained hour glass of impending sorrow,

Bliss awaits the near triumphant end

Why o’ why must the laughter of children be heard after the cries of mourning men

Ears and eyes drown in the broken sonnet that seeps from their empty hearts

O’ how I lust for the day when the scent of a woman enchants me from this cold crooked ground and into the orange soothing sky

O’ how I lust for the day of Summer’s end.