The Difference between My Grandfather, my Father and Me

Not many or even none of you know that my father is an extremely intelligent person. He was the top if his batch from the primary to secondary school. He got honors in every subject; there wasn’t an academic event that he didn’t win a position in. He was the valedictorian in his school, which also means he gave the graduation speech etc.

When he got into a university (the name of the university escapes me), he was at the top of all his classes. He paid his tuition by tutoring his fellow students. He then graduated as magna cum laude with a degree in mechanical engineering. Right after his graduation he was offered a job a company (which name I will not disclose). Years after, he would be the General Manager of a certain department of that multi-international company.

My father, however, is nothing compared to my grandfather, or so I’ve been told. Continue reading “The Difference between My Grandfather, my Father and Me”

I Know how Qatar Gets More Filipinos to Work for Them!

Now everything you’re about to read is all hypothetical, BUT if I were Qatar, this is what I would do.

Everybody in the Philippines knows about the 3 Filipinos in China that were executed for being drug mules. Now whether or not that should’ve happen is none of my concern now, but I’m glad that China did what they did. And so almost everyone here in the Philippines seem to be hatin’ on China for killing their “countrymen” but in fact, the Filipinos can’t see past their own nose. Drugs kill more people than government executions!Ugh… these Filipinos… well that isn’t my concern now. My concern is how Qatar is reacting to this situation.

A couple of minutes ago, I was watching my local news and there were a couple of things that took my interest: A lady with a rare skin disease, Thia’s elimination from American Idol, a 130+ pound 3 year-old Chinese baby and Continue reading “I Know how Qatar Gets More Filipinos to Work for Them!”

Something I would like to share

Coat of arms of the Philippines
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A paper that I passed on Political Science, I got a 97/100 and I was the highest :D

There is no denying the fact that the Philippines is in a very bad state. To be honest, when I see Thailand and Singapore, I grow green with jealousy. I always asked myself “what on earth went wrong?” well in fact I think know what went wrong. If memory serves me right and if I do remember my lessons from KASPIL with sir Xiao, it was during the time that Jose P. Laurel was about to be president. The Japanese government asked Laurel to declare a state of war against the Americans, he of course refused it. He said that the Americans have helped them so much throughout the wars the Philippines had encountered during that time, instead proclaimed that there was a state of war and that in turn saved many lives. Now from that mindset, “since Americans are the ones who saved us, that must mean that anything that comes from them must be good!” That was a wrong, really wrong.

The social state of the Philippines is getting worse. The only time I know that the Philippines was truly united was when the Spaniards, Japanese and Americans took over the country and it was then that the nation had to unite and fight. Now we see international corporations taking over local businesses and Filipinos seem to be okay with that, in fact they like imported goods since “everything that imported must be good”. Economically wise, the Philippines doesn’t seem to be in good terms with itself either. To either have a free market economy (which I think is good, look at Fort Bonifacio for instance) or a socialist market economy. Either to lower taxes or increase them. These are just a few of the many things that concern the economy. Philippine politics is just a mess. But aren’t they all? It’s corrupt, unfair and sometimes an abuse of power. It’s understandable ‘cause once you get a taste of power, it’s hard to control oneself.

The difference of social class is one of the main reasons why Philippines can’t unite. The reason why there is a clash between the ‘capable’ and the ‘incapable’ is because of one’s useful to another. I think that the people who are incapable (not necessarily handicapped) should not complain. The clash should merely just be avoided by not bothering each other. Economically saving the Philippines is to be capital about it and not social. The rewards of hard labor must go to the one who works hard so that that person will produce more wonderful products, like Steve Jobs. Privately owned land, like Eastwood, is beautiful and productive unlike the potholes of Taft Avenue and the garbage that it resides with. That goes to show that money being taken by people who work hard, don’t even make good use of it. I think the reason why politics in the Philippines is so messed up, is because I think the people who vote for them have no idea or any knowledge at all about politics. To have a say in something, one must be truly knowledgeable about that particular discipline. People who don’t know the difference between Anarchism and Liberalism, the difference between Left and Right or even just have a lack of knowledge about politics should not have a right to vote.

Social liberalism should be able to fix the Philippines downward spiral. “Social liberalism is the belief that liberalism should include social justice. It differs from classical liberalism in that it recognizes a legitimate role for the state in addressing economic and social issues such as unemployment, health care, and education while simultaneously expanding civil rights. Under social liberalism, the good of the community is viewed as harmonious with the freedom of the individual.”[1] The government should just be there to provide the needs of the people and nothing else. No authority over businesses or private matters.

The history of European liberalism (1959), Guido De Ruggiero, pp. 155–157