A Makati Observation

Last Saturday, I went on a trip to Makati because I needed to buy a how-to-speak-German book from Goethe Institut. It was a quite an enlightening trip because I pursued myself to open all my senses while I was there; it’s rare for me to go to Makati, so I made it a point to enjoy every second of it.

First off, I have to say that I don’t have anymore pictures aside from the one above because my DSLR is just too big, my smart phone was stolen last year and my mother didn’t bring her digicam, and I didn’t want to use my mother’s phone because it looks so girly, hence I’d look like a feminine tourist hahaha! However, I still looked like a tourist nonetheless.

My preferred outfit for a normal day would be: a polo shirt/T-shirt, shorts and a pair of footwear that requires no socks e.g. Sanuk or Crocs (YES, I love Crocs). I swear I am not making this next bit up; I could count the number of people wearing shorts in a single hand throughout my 4-hour-stay in Makati. I saw two Caucasians and one Korean wearing shorts; plus me make four people wearing shorts in the Salcedo Village area. I felt so out place when I saw everyone wearing pants. Forget the fact that everyone was wearing business attires; I just felt detached because of my shorts hahaha! Continue reading “A Makati Observation”

I’m Losing My Writing Mojo

I fear that these past following weeks have made me a sloppy writer. I fear that I may have lost my touch as a writer; as Austin Powers would say “I think I’ve lost my mojo”

All my recent post have been getting five to eight readers, and that really put a huge dent in my “pride”. It makes me wonder… I might be a terrible writer. I know I’ve improved over the year, but it just seems that people just don’t care about reading or something.

Even my previous post, which composed mostly of pictures, only had nine readers. That was very alarming since I know that I am such an awesome photographer, and I’m not even kidding.

One thing that distresses me is that I might have to change my style of writing all together just so that I have my 50+ readers again… But no, it wouldn’t be real me.

I gotta pull myself together and write something good before I get lumped together with those mainstream bloggers.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures… Easy Way to Get Readers

I’m quite mad at people who call themselves photographers. I can see that they obviously used Photoshop, they turn ugly pictures into some “pleasing”, the subject is horrible, they have no idea of the concept for rule-of-thirds. Lastly, I doubt they even know the relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speed; add to the equilibrium of the light meter.

But what sets me off is that they get 100s of views per post on the first day. Terrible… it sickens me. Then when I write a really insightful article about religion and Harry Potter, what do I get? Nine views, nine fucking views.

Then I realised that most of my readers hate to read, even if it is interesting.

So I’m going to do an experiment. Here’s my latest field-trip that I took with my awesome photography skills (lols).

Continue reading “Pictures, Pictures, Pictures… Easy Way to Get Readers”

J.K. Rowling and God: The Theoretical Analogy

I was on the train platform the other day listening to the podcast of the Yogpod. I really suggest you listen to this segment, because they gave me the idea of comparing God and J.K. Rowling (or any writer as matter of fact), plus it is completely hilarious!

(if you don’t wanna listen to the whole thing, you can skip to 4:40)

Now I know many philosophers have been doing this comparison-contrast-analogy-thing to prove and/or disprove¬†God’s existence. I just wanted to join the bandwagon and see what I can come up with :D So bear with me, this is purely for academic and experimental purposes only.

ANYWAY, enough of that.

When Simon illustrates himself what he’d be like if he read Harry Potter, he’d instantly rant about the plot. He said “Voldemort, just fucking kill! Just fucking kill him!” (as he talks about Harry’s intentions in the story) and that’s when it struck me. Continue reading “J.K. Rowling and God: The Theoretical Analogy”

Reasons Why I Hate DLSU-M (part 3): Heavy Bag

So this is me and my huge and heavy bag. A friend of mine told me once that, you can tell how a person lives just by looking at their bag and its contents. She told me that I lived really far away from school, and she was right.

Her reason for her assumption was: people who live far tend to bring more stuff than people who live near to avoid¬†going back home to get something because that’s really inconvenient . And again, she was right.

I bring my notebook, books, papers, articles/readings and sometimes my MacBook, and I do this everyday (well, days on which I have a class, anyway). And it truly is tiresome since I commute… I even feel like I’m back in grade school :/

If I were in Ateneo, it wouldn’t be a problem for me, I’d have a really small bag or a big bag (if I were to bike going to class). And another huge benefit: no more back-aches, neck-aches and et cetera-aches.

And yes, the pain of my back due to heavy luggage IS RELATED to my hatred of DLSU-M