Saving Up for a Yashicaflex or a Ricohflex

Earlier today I went to school to pay for my tuition, then I did various errands with my mother. She left soon afterwards and I met up with a very close friend of mine, Julia (she’s a strange one hahaha!) I made her a promise that I would take her out and make it her day, but we had some change of plans along the way… so that just simply means that I have to take her out again :D Anyway, we went to a nearby mall called Robinson’s Manila (I think) to watch ‘On Stranger Tides’. The only available time was at 1:45PM and we had around 2 hours to kill. We walked around and stumbled upon an antique shop.

I told Julia “What are the chances that I find a Rolleiflex here?” “I dunno” she apathetically replied. So we went in anyway. I saw textiles, combs, old vinyl players and old toys. Then when I looked up on the shelves I saw Continue reading “Saving Up for a Yashicaflex or a Ricohflex”