A Makati Observation

Last Saturday, I went on a trip to Makati because I needed to buy a how-to-speak-German book from Goethe Institut. It was a quite an enlightening trip because I pursued myself to open all my senses while I was there; it’s rare for me to go to Makati, so I made it a point to enjoy every second of it.

First off, I have to say that I don’t have anymore pictures aside from the one above because my DSLR is just too big, my smart phone was stolen last year and my mother didn’t bring her digicam, and I didn’t want to use my mother’s phone because it looks so girly, hence I’d look like a feminine tourist hahaha! However, I still looked like a tourist nonetheless.

My preferred outfit for a normal day would be: a polo shirt/T-shirt, shorts and a pair of footwear that requires no socks e.g. Sanuk or Crocs (YES, I love Crocs). I swear I am not making this next bit up; I could count the number of people wearing shorts in a single hand throughout my 4-hour-stay in Makati. I saw two Caucasians and one Korean wearing shorts; plus me make four people wearing shorts in the Salcedo Village area. I felt so out place when I saw everyone wearing pants. Forget the fact that everyone was wearing business attires; I just felt detached because of my shorts hahaha! Continue reading “A Makati Observation”

Japanese Buffet and Sueño de Espadrilles, a Great Way to Spend My Mother’s Birthday

Today was my mother’s nth birthday (I apparently do not know my mother’s true age) and we sorta just went out for celebration. First stop (and the only stop) was The Podium, which was kinda strange since we would always go somewhere far for my mother’s birthday. Although just being a city-drive away is just fine for me. Our initial plans were to buy some stuff from this Portuguese deli store then go somewhere else, but my mother remembered that there was an Espadrilles boutique so we went there and looked about. I found out when there that Espadrilles is just a name of the shoe but there are plenty of companies that make it. The particular store that we went to was Sueño de Espadrilles, here’s  video of them: Continue reading “Japanese Buffet and Sueño de Espadrilles, a Great Way to Spend My Mother’s Birthday”