I Was Doing Well Until You Came Along

Remember the girl I had a dream about, the one with the cherry blossoms and stuff? I kinda have this problem with her. Ever since that dream, my mind has been filling up with her likeness, and I honestly can’t stop thinking about her. For a while it seemed that I finally found THE person. I was a bit happy whenever I thought about it. Then, it just got out of hand.

It (not she, because she didn’t directly cause this) was beginning to negatively affect my performance at uni. I had a long ass time to think on how I was going to deal with this. It was difficult since she doesn’t know how I think about her, nor does she know that she’s causing all these internal aggravations. One night, I texted this to her (parentheses notes are not included in the text):

I need you to stay away from me for a while. I’ve started doing this (the staying away part) all ready. You’re literally on my mind 24/7, and I seriously cannot handle it. It’s all ready beginning to negatively affect me in my academics and my workload in the BSG (batch student government) doesn’t help either. It obviously isn’t your fault since you did nothing, ‘though that is the pleasant irony of it all. I’m not sure if I do want to tell you the specific reason as to why I’m doing this. If you really wanna know, I can give you two options: a) buy load (since she never has any credits in her phone) and ask me, “Why?” In which I would gladly reply, or b) ask (insert name here), he probably still remembers what I told him. Continue reading “I Was Doing Well Until You Came Along”

Five Ways to Win My Heart (30 Day Challenge, day 1)

To be honest, the first challenge is very vague to me.. I don’t know if it’s asking me on ACTUALLY WAYS/ACTIONS or just plain ol’ characteristics that tickle my fancy. So whatever.

1. Plato says “Know Thyself”: I want someone who knows truly herself and she isn’t afraid to be herself. But of course being a “Philosopher” I would like someone who is authentic. Authentic meaning she doesn’t wear a mask, just to put it simply. I hate conformity, it sickens me. I love someone who really knows what they truly need and want. I love someone who knows who they are and what they are capable of. So first way to win my heart, KNOW YOURSELF. Continue reading “Five Ways to Win My Heart (30 Day Challenge, day 1)”