Reasons Why I Hate DLSU-M (part 2): Taft Avenue

If we compare Katipunan Ave. to Taft Ave., there is a clear difference. Taft is one of the most terrible places I have had to visit frequently; the most I could take was the civil service program that schools requires us to do (apparently they have to force us to do good deeds).

Each time I disembark the LRT to get to DLSU-M (my school), my senses are just blasted with a hoard of bad energy. What do I mean, you ask? Well let me list down the things I experience in Taft:

1. Noise pollution: Jeepneys, trucks, cabs and cars screech and beep at each other repeatedly. And their engines are such an earsore (not a real word).
2. Pedicab drivers: These people annoy me because the come up to me and speak to me going “ride, sir?” Ugh… they invade my space, and I could smell their breath, plus they look extremely unsanitary
3. Trash: Now Katipunan has some trash on the street too, but not as much as Taft, where you could actually see rotten food and liquids that give off a foul stench. I saw a dead rat as well.
4. Flood: Taft has very poor sewage systems, so when it rain the road gets flooded. But it’s not just rain water, the water from the sewer gets pushed out unto the street.
5. Air pollution: The number of jeepneys, buses and trucks that smoke-belch is astounding. Continue reading “Reasons Why I Hate DLSU-M (part 2): Taft Avenue”