Fasting Instead of Feeding (aka dieting instead of feeding)

I’ve noticed something common amongst the people I follow on twitter. Some people have been talking about dieting, because they think their body needs it; some people have been talking about fasting because they want to offer some sort of sacrifice for their god.

I get agitated every time I hear about this; not because I’m over-weight, but because these people think so much of themselves that they forget what they’re actually talking about. When a certain something plays a major role in a your life is belittled, that’s when you should know that there is something wrong with you.

People complain and whine about the traffic, yet they take for granted the fact that they can actually afford to buy a car that has air-conditioning, a radio and a comfortable seat. They forget that a car is a machine that’s designed to propel you from one place to another in a short amount of time with the maximum amount of security and comfort (depending on the car’s feature, of course).

Let’s bring down the situation to something that most people could relate to, since not all people who read this have a car/cars. Continue reading “Fasting Instead of Feeding (aka dieting instead of feeding)”

Envy on Father’s Day

If you’ve read my previous entry about my father, you should. It sets the situation for what you’re about to read. But if you don’t want to, it’s fine.

As all of you well know, today is Father’s Day, a great day to be a dad. I haven’t celebrated Father’s Day since 2009, basically because I hate my father. He wasn’t much of a dad when I realised that my mom truly really loved me. Whether or not that love is more than my father’s, I will never know.

I have a friend, who I think I wrote about a while back, and my mother and I are friends with his entire family. His father is a real father figure, strong-willed, caring, funny, all that jazz. I sometimes think “why couldn’t my father be more like him?”.

But what really got me was when his father showed his fatherly affection towards his kids. It’s the type of love that you see only in dads. Continue reading “Envy on Father’s Day”

A Problem That You Have Had (30 Day Challenge, day 18)

I had some trouble deciding which event I wanted to share, and it came down to two. It was either the time my father left or the time when we were thrown out of our house. But I figured that it would be better to talk about my father and his departure from this family.

So please bear with me because I haven’t talked about this to an open crowd, in fact I think only three of my friends know the full details, at any rate…

The year was 2009 on the month of April. I was home alone watching TV when I heard the door open downstairs. I thought to myself “Is that mom or dad? They’re rather early”. I went back to watching TV, not minding what was going on downstairs. After a few minutes I heard heavy footsteps rise from the stairwell, “oh, it’s dad” I thought. I kept watching TV.

He went up to me and gave me a kiss on the head; I wiped my forehead and ignored him. “I’m gonna take a shower first and I need to talk to you, okay?” he said. At that point I knew something was up, “okay”. Continue reading “A Problem That You Have Had (30 Day Challenge, day 18)”

I’ve Survived Through my Second Trimester at College

Last week, I told my friend I had ‘hell week’ for three weeks, if it went on to next week, it would be hell month.

And so it did :|

Never in my life have I made 5 Final Papers in 5 days :| (at most it would’ve been 3 papers in 5 days). And one of them was done on a type writer.. A TYPEWRITER I TELL YOU! Don’t believe me? Here’s a picture (I took it mainly to gloat hahahaha!) Continue reading “I’ve Survived Through my Second Trimester at College”

Why am I in College? || Some advice for college students!!! (Seriously.)

Most if not all  college students get asked the question “Why are you in college?”. Normally our response would be:

  • A. Get a good job
  • B. Make a lotta money (aka get a good job)
  • C. To find meaning in life (???)
  • D. I have no idea
  • E. ALL OF THE Above
  • These answers would be pretty normal if you didn’t know what you wanted, what you truly and authentically wanted. Socrates gave some really good advice to people whilst he was still alive: “KNOW THYSELF”. Two words, just two damn simple words and yet our response is kinda like “Psshhh, I know ma’self bro/dog/dude/wha’ever!” That does not sound real assuring. Continue reading “Why am I in College? || Some advice for college students!!! (Seriously.)”