The Breakaway

So a week ago, I got a class at DLSU, which I thought was creative writing for fiction or non-fiction. It was–much to my surprise–creative writing for poetry. Poetry class was not something I was hoping for, since I did want to learn how to write literature. I’ve been planning to write a book ever since I got into my university. I just don’t have the knowledge and experience to write it. (Experience=life experience. Not as a writer, but as a person).

Our professor told us to get a brand new notebook for journal entries. He wants us to see how we think and how we give our opinions on something–which I believe I am excellent in doing aka blogging. Basically, he wants to know that we are alive, and I do mean that in the most literal of sense hahahaha! Our first entry: anything you want to talk about. So here’s what I said. (The following has been greatly edited and improved.) Continue reading “The Breakaway”

Weekend Getaway Before the School Year Starts!

at the beach (30 Day Challenge, day 14. What I wore)

Last Friday while I was out with a friend from school, I got a call from my friend (Martina) at school lol. She said “Are you doing anything tomorrow?” “Probably, why?” “You wanna go to Tali beach? It’ll be an overnight thing” “Uhhh…” I was extremely surprised hahaha! I mean that was just sooooooo last-minute, BUT I FREAKIN’, LOVED THE IDEA.

I needed the vacation… I worked my ass off for two terms and took PE summer courses (Mon-Sat 8AM-3PM) Yeah. Definitely needed the vacation. This was kinda like my treat to myself for going on the Honour Roll for two terms, so I had a personal mission to convince my mother that I had to take this weekend getaway that was gonna happen in 6 hours. Continue reading “Weekend Getaway Before the School Year Starts!”