Meeting My Fellow Bloggers

I’ve been on WordPress since 2009, and that really astounds me. What surprises me even more is that I’m publishing another blog entry that isn’t a month apart! Not many things in my life are this consistent then again it’s impossible for me to stop writing just like how it’s impossible for us to stop dreaming.

Anyway, let me talk about meeting my fellow bloggers. I’ve been following this blog called Say Cheese! for the longest time. Recently, he posted that he met some fellow Filipino bloggers through a Facebook group. So I signed up for the group and saw an FB event for a second meet-up at a restaurant 15 minutes away from me.

I took the train, asked a mall-cop directions to the restaurant (he told me it didn’t exist. Mhm), and found them. I thought that we were going to talk about the backend technical aspects of WordPress as a writing platform and discuss possible avenues into creating a seamless way to bring more content to people. But no, we ended up talking about everyday life, which is as interesting as what I wanted to talk about since meeting new people means learning new perspectives.

I’m not really good with names, so I can’t list them down here however they were all very nice.

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What I’ve Learned After Three Years Of Blogging

Look at my stats, and tell me something. Am I good blogger?

I’ve been blogging for quite some time, and one thing always escapes me, “Why haven’t I been on Freshly Pressed?” Or better yet, “Why don’t I have hundreds of viewers at a time in my blog?” Granted, I only stepped up my game a year ago. However, I see other bloggers gaining recognition after only 5 months of blogging (and they write you as u.) So what’s up with me?

Could it be my tags? I don’t think so, since I leave it to WordPress to tag my posts.

Could it be my titles? Probably. I still don’t get this how-to-attract-readers-with-an-attractive-title thing.

Could it be the content itself? According to the stats, it seems so:

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Comic Artist’s Opinion On Blogging Platforms

The person you see above is a comic artist and drawing artist(?) that I follow; his name is Rob Cham. I discovered him through a web comic artist that I follow, Antics. Rob Cham was a guest comic artist for Antics and I followed the link to his work, and I must say, it’s quite hilarious and refreshing :D

He recently revived his blog and he discusses why he did so. One paragraph really caught my eye mainly because I share the same view about Tumblr. Though it’s the last sentence that impressed me the most.

Blogger or WordPress seem more like legitimate blogging platforms where as Tumblr is just where people re-post and post pretty pictures hoping those get re-posted on someone else’s blog, that and some rather amazing artists that I cannot really dismiss. I mostly follow the latter, but Tumblr can get grating when you realize how 9,000 people will read what you post and skip over it because it has content longer than 2 sentences. I’d rather settle for a smaller audience who actually give a damn than a large group who would rather see me draw something like pandas day in and day out.

Maybe I’m just bitter.

From here

After I read this, I realised that Rob Cham had depth in thought, and yes, I admit that I thought that all he thought about were pandas. I apologise and I’m glad that I’m wrong. My view on Rob Cham has changed and I hope to see him post more insightful… uhh, posts in the upcoming future, or days, whichever comes first.


PS I do think having a small audience that gives a damn about what you write is better rather than a huge number that “hates to reads”.

Double Digits After Three Years! /o/

I love to blog; I am addicted to it! But not to the extent that I can’t live without it :P If you are as addicted as I am, you would know how it feels when you see those statistical data (viewer counts) on your Dashboard, assuming that you’re on WordPress lol! I log in everyday to see how much of my content has been read, what’s been read and how frequently it’s been read. Then from what I learn from the data, I can partially see what I’m gonna write for my next blog entry. But another thing I noticed was the amount readers I’ve been gained over the years.

Before I joined the PostAWeek, my reader count have always been below ten each day. Now however, I’m getting at least 10 per day and at most I get 70 a day! That may not sound much to you, but getting 70 people to read about your opinions, your rants, your problems about life is something that I actually find incredible. 

I now feel really pumped up to write more and probably in three years time I’ll be getting triple-digit-viewer-counts :D

My Love for Blogs (Things I Love and Hate About

Throughout the course of my time, I’ve been switching from one blogging site to another. Most of them, admittedly, have more diverse functions than WordPress. But to be honest, those functions simply destroy what it means to blog and to be a blogger. And because I have too much free time before my next class (Political Science. Our professor is so hot and he’s got the voice to match it as well :P ) I’ll blog my adventures during my adolescent years; rebelling against the norms and expressing them through writing.

My first ever “blog” (as far as I can remember) was During its time it was the most popular site for teen angst and attention seeking egoness-ness. I was pretty young and curious so I went and made an account. It was PRETTY DAMN BORING hahaha! So I never used it since the day I first signed up for it. The idea of “giving”/posting testimonials on someone’s page was uninteresting. It was a stupid idea to make that account. I hope closes, it’s a waste of sever space, I jest.

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