I’m Losing My Writing Mojo

I fear that these past following weeks have made me a sloppy writer. I fear that I may have lost my touch as a writer; as Austin Powers would say “I think I’ve lost my mojo”

All my recent post have been getting five to eight readers, and that really put a huge dent in my “pride”. It makes me wonder… I might be a terrible writer. I know I’ve improved over the year, but it just seems that people just don’t care about reading or something.

Even my previous post, which composed mostly of pictures, only had nine readers. That was very alarming since I know that I am such an awesome photographer, and I’m not even kidding.

One thing that distresses me is that I might have to change my style of writing all together just so that I have my 50+ readers again… But no, it wouldn’t be real me.

I gotta pull myself together and write something good before I get lumped together with those mainstream bloggers.